ACT Access Control Products

We supply ACT access control digital keypads and ACT proximity readers for standalone doors and scalable access control system designed to facilitate the most demanding requirements for any size enterprise.

The ACT product range can accommodate an access solution from a single-door up to thousands of doors. To find out about how our products can help your business get in touch.

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Access Control Technology (ACT) Ltd was formed in 1995 to design and manufacture high quality access control products for the security industry. ACT provides innovative and cost effective solutions across the market spectrum.

ACT specialises in the design and manufacture of superior quality electronic Access Control and Door Entry products. Combining reliability and quality with engineering expertise and innovation, the ACT product portfolio has a functionality that is user friendly, effective and well developed in line with the demands of the market.


Access Control


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Highly flexible, scalable access control system designed to facilitate the most demanding requirements for any size enterprise.

  • Wireless Locks – Wireless locks for use as part of the ACTpro system with ACTenterprise. Key override available.
  • Controllers – single, two and four door controllers for use with the ACTpro access control solution (ACTpro 1500, 1520, 2000, 4000, and 4200)
  • Readers – For use with the ACTpro access control system ((Proximity (125kHz), Contactless Smart Card (13.56MHz) , Pin only, Magnetic Swipe and Radio Receivers)
  • Software – For managing and administering the ACTpro system (ACTenterprise)
  • Door stations – Single and two door door stations / expanders for use with the ACTpro door controllers (ACTpro 100e, 120, 200 and 101)
  • Modules – ACTpro Input / Output Module
  • Network & communication devices – For use with ACTpro controllers (Single Channel Interface and ACT Lan)
  • Reader accessories – Accessories for use with the ACTpro products (Flush Mount Plate)


ACT Standalone

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Digital keypads and proximity readers for standalone doors that offer a variety of low cost and user friendly features.

  • Digital keypads – Digital Keypads for use on standalone doors (ACT 10, ACT 5e)
  • Digital keypads & proximity (125khz) – Digital Keypads with Proximity for use on standalone doors. Work with ACTProx cards and fobs (ACT 5e prox)
  • Accessories – Accessories for use with the standalone range of digital keypads (ACT 10 Flush Kit, ACT 10 Weather Shield)


Door entry

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Audio and Video Entry systems suitable for home and office use

  • Audio – For domestic and commercial properties that audio range allows you to speak to visitors before granting entry (ACTentry A5)
  • Audio Video over IP – For commercial properties answer the door from any PC (ACTentry V-IP)



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A highly flexible access control solution for up to 16 doors making it suitable for small to medium size properties.

  • Reader/controller (125khz) – Pin, Pin and Proximity and Proximity readers / controllers (ACTsmart2 1070, ACTsmart2 1080, ACTsmart2 1090)
  • Radio receiver – Long range receiver for use with the ACTsmart range of products (ACT 433)
  • Access control software – Access control software for configuring and monitoring ACTsmart2 devices to work with a network controller (ACTsmart2 Software)
  • Network controller – Required when using ACTsmart Software to configure and administer an ACTsmart access control system (Network Controller)
  • Accessories – Products for use with the ACTsmart2 access control solution (ACTsmart2 Lock & Flush Mount Plate )


Cards & fobs

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Cards and fobs for use with the ACT access control solutions

  • Proximity (125khz) – 125kHz cards and fobs for use with the ACT standalone, smart, pro and entry products (ACTProx Fob, ACTProx ISO Card, ACTProx HS Card, ACTProx DUO Card HID Cards & Fobs)
  • Contactless smart card (13.56Mhz) – 13.56MHz contactless smart cards for use with the ACTpro MIFARE and DESFire EV1 readers (Mifare Card, Mifare Fob, DESFire EV1 Card)
  • Magnetic swipe – Magnetic Swipe Cards for the ACTpro 1010
  • Radio transmitters – Long range transmitters for use with the ACT 433RX Receivers (ACT 433 TX, ACT 433TXprox)
  • Accessories – Accessories for ACT cards and fobs (Lanyards, Clips, Card Holders and Yo-Yos)