carsense 303 vehicle detector

The CarSense 303 is a SINGLE CUT LOOP vehicle detector
and it is a MAJOR TIME SAVER !

The CarSense 303 vehicle detector Logic Interface featuring A/B directional logic.

Watch the video of the Logic Interface carsense 303

Watch the full video series on the NEW CarSense
303 Logic Interface click Here




Product Overview

The CarSense 303 features advanced 3 axis, magnetoresistive sensing technology.The sensor measures Earth’s magnetic field and responds to disturbances caused by ferrous objects.The CS303 combines this exciting new technology with a field proven hardware platform to produce a high sensitivity, compact, cost effective solution for reliable vehicle detection. Three
sensing elements provide magnetic field measurement in the X, Y and Z axes, improving detection sensitivity.

  • Three dimensional presence detection of vehicles
  • Select X, Y and/or Z axis independently
  • Stand alone sensor with solid state output
  • Sensor stores ambient background and settings in non volatile memory
  • Remote control module for programming and additional relay contact output
  • Fast response for high speed detection
  • Easy, low cost installation
  • ULTRAMETER TM display indicates the sensitivity setting required to detect a vehicle
  • Logic Interface available for extended detection, A/B directional logic and more
  • Detect On Stop (DOS®) feature will allow detection only when a vehicle has come to a
    complete stop on the sensor. This is a worldwide unique feature to EMX detectors. It is a major advantage if you want to ignore cross traffic in tight spaces.