Replacement Remote Control Keyfobs for electric gates and garage doors

Replacement remote controls for automated electric gates One remote covers all the major brands. Our products are compatible with up to 99% of the Major brands in the market. Thanks to that you will not be worried anymore about using your device with other original brands. This is what we call "freedom of movement" - Scanner and clone mode - Works with fixed and rolling code - Enters directly into an original receiver Compatable to the following remotes Catalogue - pdf download Contact Us Lets talk ... Read more

Industrial Cantilever Gates

INDUSTRIAL DOORS UP TO 20M Our Review of Falken Tour Industrial Cantilever Gates The industrial door without question. Equipped with our largest running rail profile, this gate also masters extreme access widths ranging up to 20m. The stability that is plain to see. Perfectly suited for works accesses: The skilled material workmanship and the high-quality standards of Falken facilitate a durable method through which to secure your access. The many opening and closing methods (e.g.: handheld transmitter, code entry, opening by mobile phone, licence ... Read more

Ditec SMART RESET – Rapid roll-up door with self-repairing full curtain

DITEC SMART RESET DOOR Rapid roll-up door with self-repairing full curtain Industrial flexible doors - SMART RESET High performance and self-repairing Heavy duty automatic flexible door featuring a special and innovative self-repairing system; should the curtain accidentally get dislodged, it will automatically be recovered with a simple opening and closing operation. Technical features Smart Reset can be supplied in different levels of design, to better satisfy the differing operating requirements and to comply with the different local standards. The wide range offered features a whole array of unparalleled technological ... Read more

Ditec GOL4 433.92MHz Remote Control

Ditec Automation Gate Remotes   - Frequency: 433.92 MHz - Number of buttons: 4 - Type of programming: Programming with the receiver - Type of battery: CR2032 - Dimensions: 62 x 12 x 43 mm Take a look at our videos to see how to clone a new remote Contact Us Lets talk through how we can benefit your business, get in touch 0844 225 4412 01228 546 327 Read more

Elka Barrier ES50 ES80 Series

ELKA ES60-80 Electro-Mechanical Industrial Automatic Barrier Premium range Elka ES60-80 aluminium electro-mechanical automatic industrial barriers. Barrier beams 3 to 8 metres in length. Models: ELKA ES60 / ELKA ES60HS / ELKA ES80 Specification: Aluminium housing powder coated blue/white (RAL 5012/9010) Ten years warranty against rust perforation Mechanical parts zinc coated and chromated Boom with red reflective stripes & safety rubber tube Pre-wired terminal row with two loop detector sockets Selectable obstacle force detection Re-opening or stop on obstruction Left or right handed Ergonomical emergency manual release Lever ... Read more

Ditec Articulated Arms Ditec Luxo

Ditec Articulated Arm Luxo Ditec LUXO - Heavy duty, strong and untiring, for wing up to 5 m wide Automatic gates - LUXO Swing gates require adequate attention as regards motorisation as they have to often undergo heavy-duty use and are exposed to the weather. Black Box presents a complete range of products designed for easy installation on gates of all sizes and for heavy-duty use. Technical features The privilege of beauty. Sturdy and tireless, for heavy-duty use. Elegant and refined, Luxo has been designed to be ... Read more

Ditec sliding gate neos

Ditec Sliding Gate Neos Automatic Gates - NEOS Sliding gates demand flexible automation that is able to manage different frame dimensions, different types of duty and different environmental conditions, whilst always ensuring maximum operational safety, functioning and reliability. The new range of Ditec NeoS automation satisfies various private requirements. When selecting the motor, the main factor to consider is the weight and, depending on the case, the length of the wing. NeoS comes in 2 cases bearing the same design: - small case used for 300 & ... Read more

Rising bollards pilomat 275/EM 600A

Rising Bollard Pilomat 600A We supply Pilomat Fixed Bollards and Automated Bollards Ranging from residential security to the highest level of anti-terrorism securities, we have it all. Our products and accessories always provide for the possibility to find the ideal solution to satisfy any needs regarding management, safety, and design.. The EM series electromechanical bollards are the products with the best quality/price ratio of the PILOMAT range. The current models are the result of the development of more than 20 years of experience. The cost of ... Read more