Ditec Gate Automation Equipment

We supply ditec gate automation equipment, underground gate motors, industrial sliding gates, accessories and parts to the Uk.

Our product ranges can accommodate residential and commercial buildings, they allow controlled access to public places, ensuring safe and practical access. We supply the classic remote control access, key pad or even biometric access. You decide the level of security and we will supply the equipment.

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Ditec Sliding Gate Automation

Sliding gates demand flexible automation that is able to manage different frame dimensions, different types of duty and different environmental conditions, whilst always ensuring maximum operational safety, functioning and reliability.

The new range of Ditec NeoS automation satisfies various private requirements.
When selecting the motor, the main factor to consider is the weight and, depending on the case, the length of the wing.

Gate Automation Equipment

Underground Gate Kits

Our underground automatic system for swing gates is invisible from the outside and provides movement without altering the style and image of the gate.

  • Ditec Cubic Underground Gate Kits
  • Elka Terr S250 Gate Kits
  • Elka Terra S350

Sliding Gate Kits

We supply products and parts for many makes and models of sliding gate kits. Our industrial sliding gate range can overcome extremely wide entrances up to 20 meters.

  • Ditec NeoS
  • Ditec Cross
  • Falken Tore Tower Tech

Swing Arms & Articulated Arms

We supply a complete range of products designed for easy installation on gates of all sizes and for heavy-duty use.

  • Ditec PWR
  • Ditec Facil
  • Ditec Arc
  • Elka Komet 200
  • Elka Komet 600