Ditec High Speed Doors

We supply a range of industrial automated high speed doors,

Our High Speed Door is a flexible door, designed for intensive usage, which thanks to its high operating speed diminishes air drafts, work place temperature losses and at the same time optimises traffic flow. This type of door is a valuable investment because it improves working conditions and reduces energy costs.

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Ditec Smart Reset

Smart Reset: rapid rool up door with self repairing full curtain. Smart: rapid rool up door with full curtain, external motor. Energy: high speed folding door, full curtrain, external motor. Flash: rapid rool up doot with full curtain and counterweights. Sector: rapid rool up door with full curtain and counterweights. Traffic: high speed folding door, full curtain and counterweights.

High Speed Doors

Ditec Sector Plus

Industrial flexible doors – SECTOR. A fully featured and practical solution. When handling vehicles require frequent crossings, heavy duty, compact size rapid doors are required. Sector rapid roll-up doors not only meet these requirements, but also feature a fully coated frame housing the motor, the control and safety devices and the balancing systems. In addition to being good value for money, Sector doors also boast a high level of flexibility, ensured by the structure and by the availability of several designs.

Ditec Smart Reset

High performance and self-repairing. Heavy duty automatic flexible door featuring a special and innovative self-repairing system; should the curtain
accidentally get dislodged, it will automatically be recovered with a simple opening and closing operation.

Ditec Alimax

Ditec Alimax is the most advanced evolution of the rapid door created to meet the specifications and strict cleanliness requirements for applications in the food industry. The doors in this sector must be easy to clean and disinfect, they must not be affected by humidity and detergents and they must prevent dirt from collecting.