Rising Bollard Pilomat 600A

We supply Pilomat Fixed Bollards and Automated Bollards

Ranging from residential security to the highest level of anti-terrorism securities, we have it all. Our products and accessories always provide for the possibility to find the ideal solution to satisfy any needs regarding management, safety, and design..

The EM series electromechanical bollards are the products with the best quality/price ratio of the PILOMAT range. The current models are the result of the development of more than 20 years of experience.

The cost of the product: made with industrial criteria of 500 units per batch, optimising production costs while offering a high-quality technology

Patented system for the protection of handling: to maximise the reliability of operations due to impact by vehicles on the cylinder that is put in motion;

Wide range of optional configurations: custom colours, flashing lights integrated in the head, intermittent acoustic signal, solenoid valve No. 220 (in case of power failure, PILOMAT is lowered, releasing the gate) , UPS unit for operation in the temporary occurrence of power failure, equipment control, equipment accident prevention (see accessories and optional items).

Recommended Uses

  • Pedestrian Areas
  • Private Car Parks
  • Parking Company
  • Private Driveways
  • Driveway Businesses
  • Commercial Driveway

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